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Guild Rules and Regulations

NOTE: As always, the Alliance of Arathor and its officers request that all members (OOC or IC) adhere to the rules and regulations Blizzard has set for us on role-playing servers.

1.Typing and English. It is expected that both IC (in-character) and OOC (out-of-character) members of the guild use proper capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar. It is recommended that members download the Misspelled addon if they are not confident in their spelling.

2. IC and OOC. Within the guild, guild chat (/g) is OOC (out-of-character), and officer chat is IC (in-character).

  • a. Under no circumstance are you to post OOC in say or yell - as such breaks role-playing immersion. If something must be made clear OOC during role-play, whisper the individuals involved or invite them into a party or raid to respectively speak in party (/p) or raid (/r) chat.

  • b. Lower OOC during RP events. You're here to RP, right? If you're doing more OOC than IC at an event perhaps you and the Event Host need consider what is causing you to do more OOC. Try to get more involved IC, and the Event Host needs to consider the fact that if more OOC is going on than IC then the event needs more involvement with the characters.

3. No Drama. This means that if you’re the type of person who feels the need to make everything into a melodramatic scene, this is not the guild for you. While roleplay (and critiquing fashion) can cause a small amount of drama — we expect it to — this is not an excuse for you to make a mountain out of a molehill. We want a good, friendly atmosphere where people can feel comfortable to speak their mind.

  • a. If you are having problems with a fellow member and don't feel you can speak to them yourself, please come to a higher rank and we will speak with the member with confidence. Sometimes it's easier to have another speak on your behalf to keep emotions down and tensions eased. If you have a problem with a higher rank, do the same. No one is above another if it makes you unhappy IC or OOC.

4. No bullying or unnecessary meanness. This means we don’t want you to be a jerk. If you feel the need to say something about someone; hold your tongue and let an officer know. We’re all prone to having bad days and having “really bad” days. If you’re having a bad day, it is suggested that you don’t partake in Guild Chat, Officer Chat or any chat until you’ve cooled down.

5. No racism / sexism / bigotry / slander / libel. In essence, don’t say anything about someone else that is against Blizzard’s defined E.U.L.A. A certain amount of cursing and playful banter is allowed (Guild chat is rated PG-13), but when it begins to cross lines and make people feel uncomfortable, it needs to stop without remark or question.

6. No flaming. Most people understand that flaming is talking “crap” or “smack” about someone. Whether they are in the guild or not in the guild, no one has any right to flame another person. We carefully and charmingly critique others but we do not purposefully target people and make them feel bad for who they are or what their character does.

7. No “blacklisting” without an officer’s permission. We’re sorry we had to put this in there, but, we will not blacklist someone from our RP if we can help it. If you don’t like someone (for whatever reason— sometimes people just don’t like others), its best that you personally ignore them and bring the situation up to an officer for review. If we feel that the person’s presence can hinder our roleplay or possibly hurt the guild itself, we may put them up for being blacklisted.

8. Participate. While we don’t expect your main character to join this guild, if you do introduce an alt character to us, be sure that they participate regularly.

9. No God-modding. Some people call it “God mode”, but here we have two distinct definitions for both. “God-Mod” is when you modify the situation with OOC in order to control someone else’s character — whether this is in basic roleplay or roleplay-fights— this is unacceptable behavior. “God Mode” is when you become invincible in a fight or you suddenly change into Arthas and Illidan’s illegitimate child with super-bunny, psychic powers to see the future about Deathwing. This is also unacceptable.

10. We do not partake in “roll-fights” between players. A roll fight is where you roll to determine if a punch hit or missed. While often used in dungeon master events, this promotes poor role-play in our eyes when implemented between players. For example:

  • a. “Joe punched Sam.” Joe rolls 100. Joe is also in cloth armor and Sam is in full plate regalia. Joe is also level 1 and Sam is level 80.

  • b. This is considered unacceptable for the sheer fact that it doesn’t claim where Joe punched Sam, it doesn’t describe an attempt (because what if Sam was going to flinch and have Joe accidentally punch his shoulder rather than his face), it also doesn’t really allow a person to be descriptive in any manner. It’s simply the luck of the draw and if Sam has some bad rolls— he just lost to a man in a shirt and pants, yet five minutes ago he was battling the Scourge in Icecrown with no hindrance.

11. Do not take IC into OOC, ever. What our characters do does not reflect on us as a person. If you have a problem with someone’s character, let them know; however, the response you’re likely to get is: “that’s just how my character is.” This is acceptable. Keep in mind, though, if your character is a consistent problem and cannot develop in such a way that it would be beneficial to the growth of the guild— there is the possibility you can be removed. Just as we can’t allow a person to act immature, we rightfully can’t allow their character to act unduly immature as well.

12. No inappropriate behavior outside of our guild. This type of behavior may reflect poorly on the Legion as a whole. Some examples of this is: public ERP, running around Cathedral Square being a menace to others RP, and trolling others. Remember you are wearing our guild tag above your character and if it is represented in a poor manner you are subject to removal.

13. Please have some knowledge of lore and apply it accordingly. While we focus mainly on training and our professions, we don’t want to babysit someone who has an RSP that claims they were the sole-killer of some NPC. We aren’t elitists, but we do believe that the storylines that Blizzard has presented to us should be given some level of respect. If you want to play a demon who is married to an Old God, go ahead; just don’t expect us to take you seriously. Ever.

14. Our rules are subject to change based on the change of lore, the server, the game mechanics, the desires and needs of our allies and of course, the change and growth that comes with guilds. If a change is made, the amendment will be posted and the original rule will be stricken. Ignorance is not an excuse. If you do not read the rules, you must still abide by them in every form. Joining the guild makes you responsible for knowing the rules and applying them— whether there is an officer to see over you or not. Anyone caught breaking a rule is subject to demotion, suspension, complete removal from the guild and / or a ticket directly to Blizzard.

15. Level requirements. In order to be in the guild, entrance level does not matter. However, one must be at least level 20 in order to 'enlist' as a soldier instead of being placed at a civilian rank. If one is a civilian in the guild and attains level 20, he or she may enlist in the soldier ranks.

16. Guild bank. If you take items out of the bank in order to increase your profession, you will be required to put the item into the bank. Do not sell the item for personal gain.
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