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Throughout the Alliance of Arathor's time it has gained many supporters and allies. Those who are entered into official alliances with Stromgarde are listed:

The League of Arathor - One of the few organizations fighting to retake the Kingdom of Stromgarde for humanity, the League and the Alliance work closely together in order to combat the enemies of Stromgarde. The forces of the Alliance of Arathor often takes refuge within Refuge Point and conducts various missions and operations from within the Point.

The Magus Senate of Dalaran - The Senate has been associated with Lord Crawford for quite a while; however, most recently the Alliance and the Senate signed an officially treaty signalling the beginning of a new partnership and friendship.

The Clergy of the Holy Light - The College of Canons and their leader, Archbishop Alonsus have always supported the House of Crawford and their efforts within the Arathi Highlands. The now deceased Octavius Crawford and the Archbishop were close friends when the Crawford's and the Clergy originally allied; however after his death the Archbishop has also given support to Octavius' son Meldrek Crawford. Today the Alliance and the College work closely together to ensure the restoration of Stromgarde.

The First Regiment - The First Regiment of the Stormwind Army and their commander, Lord Maxen Montclair have given support to the Alliance of Arathor and the House of Crawford's efforts of the restoration of Stromgarde. The lands of the Alliance of Arathor and the Duchy of Westridge are also engaged in trade deals with one another promoting the new relation between the two entities.

The Dominion of Alterac - The Dominion of Alterac and the Alliance have entered into an agreement based upon mutual aid and respect for one another's nation in hopes of restoring the ties that were lost with the betrayal of their King, Lord Perenolde. Together the two oversee the peace between the borders of the former neighbor nations and work together to ensure peace in the region.

The Kul Tiras Marines - The Marines carry a similar attitude to the those in Stromgarde regarding the "peace with the Horde". The two organizations strive to meet justice to those who seek to destroy the Grand Alliance and restore the North to its former standing.
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