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The Alliance of Arathor is divided up into several divisions and ranks allowing for a diverse roleplay environment within the Arathi Highlands. Each division contributes to the guild's story in several different perspectives and actions. Below are the listed ranks of the guild and their perspective roles and responsibilities within the guild's function.


All ranks within the Alliance of Arathor allow for the progression of all members no matter class, level, specialty, etc. The ranks are not just based on the progression of those within the Legion. One's organization membership will be noted within the guild to provide clear organization to members. Ranks are as listed below:


Privy Council








The Divisions within the guild include a variety of different roleplay opportunities and options for each individual. Each division has a specific leader and if one is interested in joining a certain division, they should speak with each assigned leader for details on how to get involved. The Divisions within the guild are as listed below:

Stromgarde Army:
The Stromgarde Army - is the standing military of the Kingdom of Stromgarde. The Army is assumed to remain under the authority of the royal House of Trollbane; however, with the absence of a ruling King, the armies have fallen to dismay and many have gathered under the banner of the League of Arathor, while portions still control the city of Stromgarde and a few other locations around the Arathi Highlands. The Army is lead by the General who is appointed by the Steward.

Order of the Silver Hand:
The Order of the Silver Hand of Stromgarde is made up of the Knights of the Silver Hand that once existed before the fall of Stromgarde. The the Order was reestablished by the decree of the Bishop of Stromgarde, Allrick Antonius, to serve as a unified order to fight against the many horrors and enemies that threaten and induce reckon and ruin upon the fallen Kingdom. The Silver Hand is lead by a Highlord appointed by the Steward on recommendation of the Bishop of Stromgarde.

Church of the Holy Light:
The Church of the Holy Light guides the faithful of Stromgarde. While the Church is based in Stormwind under the control of the Archbishop, the church within Stromgarde also exists. The sect of the Church within the Highlands itself is headed by the Bishop of Stromgarde who works closely with the Council of Bishops and the Clergy within their Diocese.

Order of the Crimson Circle:
The Order of the Crimson Circle of Stromgarde is a organization of magi devoted to the study and application of magic within the Alliance of Arathor. Normally based within the Tower of Arathor due to it sitting atop a powerful lay-line, the Circle provides support for both the other organizations within the Alliance and its forces. The Crimson Circle is headed by the Lord-Magister appointed by the Steward.

Stromgarde Spy Ring:
The Stromgarde Spy Ring is made up of informants, agents, and assassins in service to the Kingdom of Stromgarde and the Alliance of Arathor. Established after the death of Galen Trollbane, the Spy Ring uses backdoor methods in order to gather intelligence, carry out espionage, and assassinate threats to the King and his people. It is lead by the Spymaster of Stromgarde who is appointed by the Steward.
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