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Decree II



Greetings to you, my fellow citizens of Stromgarde,

Though we have all gone through much in the past, and as a result have succeeded in restoring our nation to what it is today, there is yet more to be done. It has come to the attention of the Twin Eagles of Arathor; however, that there are those who would continue to oppose and attempt to foil our hopes of restoration. As of such, we shall take a stand and institute measures that solidify our position within the Arathi Highlands.

The exiled traitor once known to us as Kormed Wolfheart has initiated a futile conflict against us in pursuit of some notion that he deserves revenge for being cast out of the homeland; however, his actions are unjust and misguided and Stromgarde will not bend its knee to such a man as him. As a result, the Twin Eagles of Arathor have determined that it is appropriate for Kormed Wolfheart to be permanently exiled from our lands and if he were to enter he shall be arrested and face judgement before the loyal servants of the House of Trollbane and Stromgarde. Along with the previously mentioned man, his order and those who bear its banner shall face the same fate as he, as they are only pawns working against the restoration and unity of the North.

Furthermore, the Alliance of Arathor wishes to state that we stand by our true allies within Alterac: namely the Dominion of Alterac founded by one Hendrek Westfield and his father, and currently lead by Lord-Commander Reynalden Weisserose of the House Weisserose, and should any threat come upon them by the exiled one and his order, the Legions of Arathor shall stand by them in defense so they may restore Alterac free from any treachery that once lingered.

Finally, any past pacts, treaties, agreements, and anything else that qualifies as such with the exile Kormed Lionblood or any of his associates are considered NULL and VOID. The Alliance of Arathor shall not stand by any who partake in petty quarrels and schemes such as those being committed by Kormed Lionblood and his order, and thus we see it fit to dispose of any such agreements that would suggest otherwise.

Stromgarde must stand with its true allies and depose of those who wish to claim power only for the purpose of their own greed and pettiness. We shall take a firm stand against such actions and stand against those who would wrong us and the good that humanity once held. Glory to the Light and Arathor!

Given within the Sanctum of Stromgarde on the twenty-fourth day of the second month of the two-thousandth, eight-hundredth and third year of the Thoradine Calendar.

Meldrek Crawford

Mathilan Lionblood
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