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Throughout the existence of the Empire of Arathor and its proceeding nations, many noble men have ruled the lands known to us today as the Arathi Highlands. The long line of rulers have been many, and they have all lead our nation to greatness during their reign. The list shall first start with the first ruler of Arathor and proceed down to the current ruler of Stromgarde.


Thoradin was the leader of the Arathi tribe of humans. He led them to unify the various human tribes into the great nation of Arathor, founded the capital of Strom, and forged an alliance with the high elves in the Troll Wars.

Ignaeus Trollbane

Lord Ignaeus of Strom, in ancient times lead the Arathorian Empire fight against the trolls and later became known as Trollbane. After the departure of Thoradin's ruling descendants, the Trollbane family ascended to the throne from the barracks itself. The Trollbanes, children of the legendary and feared Ignaeus Trollbane, were wielders of the dread sword Trol'kalar, and the greatest champions of the realm.

(Period of unknown rulers.)

Liam Trollbane

Prince Liam Trollbane was the ruler of the Kingdom of Stromgarde, father of Thoras Trollbane, and grandfather of Galen Trollbane. Liam is one of the individuals held responsible for the formation of the order known as the Caretakers. The Prince was so impressed with his servant Yernim Weltom's ingenuity in hiding the castle's artifacts that he appointed him Caretaker of Artifacts with a staff of two, and commanded the young servant to come up with a better plan to protect the artifacts. When nobles of Lordaeron, Khaz Modan and Azeroth would visit Prince Liam, he would proudly tell the story of how Yernim had protected the family heirlooms while the guard was away. With Prince Liam’s approval, Yernim Weltom instructed the nobles to send five trusted servants to him for training. Thus the continent wide training of the Caretakers began.

Thoras Trollbane

King Thoras Trollbane was the Warrior-King of the human Kingdom of Stromgarde. He lead Stromgarde during the Second War and was known to be one of the most avid supporters of the Alliance of Lordaeron. A man with true honour, he also lead his own forces against the Kingdom of Alterac when they betrayed the Alliance to the Orcs. It was under his command that martial law was instituted in Alterac. After the Second War, Thoras pulled support from the Alliance of Lordaeron due to the high taxation it began to levy against his people. When the Undead Forsaken threat began to plague the northern lands in the Eastern Kingdom, Trollbane protected his people against the threat. Only when he was killed did the Kingdom of Stromgarde began to crumble.

Galen Trollbane

Prince Galen Trollbane was the son of King Thoras Trollbane, and was himself the de-facto ruler of Stromgarde until his death at the hands of the Forsaken. He lead the Kingdom after the fall of his father and provided a valiant effort in reclaiming Stromgarde from the Syndicate and Ogre threat; however, he was unsuccessful in defending himself against the Forsaken forces and fell. He now serves alongside the Forsaken in undeath, whether willing or unwilling, it is unknown.

Danath Trollbane

Lord Danath Trollbane is a member of the the House of Trollbane, the royal family of Stromgarde. During the Second War, he served as a captain in the Stromgarde militia and later as tactical advisor and second-in-command to High General Turalyon, the Alliance Supreme Commander, during the Alliance Expedition to Draenor. Since the sealing of the Dark Portal and the disappearance of High General Turalyon, he has been the master of Honor Hold, the Expedition's headquarters in the Hellfire Peninsula. With the death and corruption of Prince Galen Trollbane, the heir to the throne of Stromgarde, Danath is believed by some to be the legitimate leader of the fallen kingdom, and we await his return from Outland.
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